Tours in Acapulco

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City Tour & Shops (1 to 3 passengers)
This is a sightseeing tour that begins with a ride along the Scenic Highway to visit one of the most important sites, the Chapel of Peace, which offers striking panoramic views of the bay. Follow your ride to the Traditional Area passing by the Hotel Zone, the Main Square (Zocalo) and the peninsula to arrive at La Quebrada and enjoy the famous cliff divers show.

Event Notes:
-Admission fee to the show is not included.

Departure Information:
-Tour duration is approximately 4 hours.
-Days of operation are daily at client's choice.

Please Note:
-Tour price is quoted per vehicle.
Cliff Divers And Drinks
Delight your time al fresco overlooking La Quebrada. From La Perla you'll get the best view of the famous cliff divers show while enjoying authentic Mexican drinks.

Event Components:
-Includes transportation, access fee to the show and two domestic drinks.

Departure Information:
-Tour duration is approximately 4 hours.
-Days of operation are Monday to Friday.
-Tour starts at approximately 6:15pm.
Historical Tour With Divers
Discover Acapulco's historical heritage. Visit the Chapel of Peace, the Fort of San Diego Museum, Nuestra Senora de la Soledad Cathedral, Diego Rivera's Mural, Los Flamingos hotel and watch the amazing cliff divers show. You will also make a stop for shopping.

Event Notes:
-Entrance fee to divers not included.
-You must pay your donation directly to the divers on site (approximately $5.00 USD per person).

Departure Information:
-Tour duration is approximately 5 hours.
-Days of operation are Tuesday to Saturday.
-Tour starts at approximately 9:45am.
Luxurious Night
Envision a succulent al fresco dinner overlooking beautiful Santa Lucia Bay in one of the most exclusive restaurants in Acapulco: Bella Vista located in Las Brisas Hotel. Next stop is at La Quebrada, where you will enjoy the world known cliff divers show while you sip traditional Mexican drinks. If you are staying at Las Brisas Hotel we offer you dinner at El Fuerte del Virrey, the newest experience full of history and surprises.

Departure Information:
-Days of operation are Thursday.
-Tour starts at approximately 6:45pm.