Visit Arizona

Arizona is a state like no other, where modern cities rise out of the beautiful cactus-studded desert and pine scented-forests envelop the mountains. One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, the Grand Canyon, cuts a multi-colored course over 277 miles. Wherever you go you can bask in sun-filled days and starlight nights - from the dramatic mountains of the north to the luminous red rocks of Sedona to the historic old west towns and horse ranches of the south.

In cosmopolitan Arizona you'll find all the delights of world-class cities. Visit superlative museums, delectable restaurants and trendy shops in Phoenix. Explore the art district of Tucson amidst the cactus forests, rolling hills and mountains. Arizona is a land of astounding diversity - in the culture, in the geography and in the endless pursuits that can keep you busy for weeks on end.


Map of Arizona Phoenix, Arizona Tucson, Arizona