Hotels & Resorts in Huahine

While Huahine has all of the natural beauty of the other islands, this one is more remote and may be the best ambassador of Tahitian culture, archaeology and mystery. The island is home to the largest concentration of pre-European ancient temples known as marae, of which local guides are quite knowledgeable. A small, scenic road runs throughout Huahine, giving you a glimpse of beautiful vistas and quaint villages where local arts and crafts are displayed and sold. Vacationers often rent their own transportation to travel this road, and to visit the banana, coconut, and melon plantations that make the air so fragrant.

Hotels & Resorts in Huahine
  Royal Huahine Boutique
  Maitai Lapita Village - Huahine
* Image courtesy of Tahiti Tourisme

Fun Fact: A popular attraction along Huahine’s coastal road is a bridge where visitors can see and feed sacred Tahitian eels, distinguished by their striking blue eyes. According to local mythology, these gentle creatures are believed to be the descendants of the first eel to come to Huahine and a beautiful maiden.


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