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The nearby beaches of Costa del Sol are what Malaga is best known for, however there is much more to this bustling town than just sunshine and seashore. The mild off-season climate, lively nightlife, impressive historical remains, magnificent landscapes and picturesque villages make this one of the most popular Spanish vacations spots.
Barcelona is a charming and elegant city that will enchant you from the moment you arrive. The city has become a destination for world-famous architects, many inspired by Barcelona's native son, architect Antonio Gaudi. In fact, the city's skyline is most famous for Gaudi's masterpiece, his unfinished Sagrada Familia cathedral. The most famous street in Spain, the tree-lined boulevard Las Ramblas, is lined with cafes, restaurants and shops, and is usually jam-packed with shoppers. As soon as the sun sets, the city's many bars and restaurants come to life. Dinner is typically between 9:00 pm and midnight, and the bars and nightclubs are open well into the early hours of the morning.
Located in the foothills of the snowcapped Sierra Nevada, Granada offers great winter sport possibilities, yet its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea makes it an ideal place to visit at any time of year. Centuries of history, romance and folklore are present at every turn in the world-famous "Alhambra," beautiful gardens, charming flower-filled streets, magnificent artisanry and popular festivals.
Spain's fun-loving capital is Europe's fourth largest city and is comprised of many different districts, each with its own distinct personality. The city center is compact and easy to navigate on foot or to tour by metro. Most of the sights of interest are found in the downtown area between the Royal Palace and Parque del Retiro. The capital of Spain since 1562, Madrid sits in the geographic center of the Iberian Peninsula and has long been an important stop on any art tour through Europe. Arts and culture are a vital part of Madrid life. There are more than 70 museums and art galleries. The city also boasts great dining experiences featuring a wide variety of international and Spanish cuisine. Its pubs, bars, discos and flamenco clubs are open from dusk until dawn. Before you leave, make sure to head to the Plaza de Toros, Spain's largest bullring.
Cordoba is one of the most fascinating and attractive cities in Andalucia, and not many people know that it was also one of the most multi-culture infused and important European capitals in the 11th century. Recently named one of UNESCO's World Heritage sites, it is best known for its world-famous Moorish mosque, but also full of narrow streets lined with whitewashed houses displaying flower-filled balconies, architectural and artistic riches and lively Andalucian tradition.
Considered one of Costa del Sol's nicest towns, this former small Andalucian fishing village has evolved into an exciting holiday resort favored by the jet set. The beautiful beaches, inviting climate, lush parks and gardens and Moorish and Andalucian influences make up Marbella's unique personality and provide unforgettable vacation experiences.
Don Juan danced and Figaro barbered here; today, gypsies still sing age-old ballads and flamenco dancers whirl to the melodies of the guitar. Among Seville's greatest charms are its "barrios" or neighborhoods which can best be seen on foot. Stunning sights are on every corner from the 12th century Moorish Alcazar to the 15th century cathedral.
A sunny "garden" city surrounded by orange groves, Valencia is one of Europe's most fashionable cities. The city is home to an extraordinary Arts and Science center which houses museums, galleries, an oceanarium and theaters. The city comes alive after dark when the wide variety of restaurants and bars feature some of the best seafood in Spain.
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