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Picturesque Portugal shares the Iberian Peninsula with Spain and is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the south and west. The country's compact size makes it easy for visitors to uncover all the beauty and charm that it possesses. Popular for sandy beaches, friendly natives, delicious cuisine, exciting nightlife and quaint villages, Portugal is only recently being rediscovered as a vacation destination after having been long overlooked. Portugal represents both modern and traditional Europe evident when you see chic, sophisticated high-rise resorts lining the coast, just a few short miles away from undeveloped medieval villages.
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The founding of Lisbon dates back to 12th century BC, making it older than Rome and an important international capital. It was from this seaport that the explorations of Vasco da Gama and others led to Portugal's control of half of the New World. Today it is home to splendid art and maritime museums and a 13th century castle, featuring rare white peacocks and black-necked swans in its garden. Fado is a unique, soulful type of singing you will hear while relaxing in Lisbon's cafes.
Porto is Portugal's second largest city and capital of Portugal's beguiling north. Here you'll see an array of architectural gems from Roman, Gothic, Baroque, Neoclassic and Renaissance eras in this scenic city built into the granite cliffs at the mouth of the river Douro.
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