Palaces and palm trees; busy bazaars and labyrinthine lanes - these elements all help to create the story of two different worlds, living side by side. Old Delhi, the former capital of Islamic India, stands as proudly as it has for over 5,000 years through each of its 11 reincarnations. The Red Fort, built by the Mughal emperor who also created the Taj Mahal and the nearby Jama Masjid mosque - the largest in India, makes a bold statement against the horizon, steps from the bustle of the Chandni Chowk marketplace. In the current capital of New Delhi, the British influence is unmistakable, with spacious, tree-lined avenues and astounding architecture like that of the Lakshmi Narayan Hindu Temple, India Gate, and Humayun’s Tomb. And between them both lies the experience and adventure of a lifetime, in a country that has earned the moniker “Incredible India.”

Tours in India
  Glimpses of India - 9 Days
  Essence of India - 18 Days

Map of India
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