Shanghai, known as the Paris of the East, is the beating heart of modern China fusing Oriental style with cosmopolitan chic. Marvel at the art deco architecture, bullet fast Maglev trains, European streetscapes and a most futuristic skyline in this city unlike any other. China's 'commercial capital' is famous for its bustling metropolitan atmosphere and rich cultural and historical past. The Bund offers an exhibition of the colonial architecture of the past that contrasts with the modern buildings of the Pudong financial district across the river. Visit the traditional Yu Gardens, stroll through the Old Town and explore the Shanghai Museum.

Tours in Shanghai
  A China Experience Tour- 10 days
  Cities of the Orient Tour - 19 days
  Glories of China Tour - 14 days
  Majestic Yangtze Tour - 14 days
  Shanghai Short Stay Tour - 3 Days
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