Travel Impressions Dedicated Vacation Flights Frequently Asked Questions

As part of our continuing mission to put travel agents first, Travel Impressions is pleased to introduce yet another reason to book with TI: Dedicated Vacation Flights. Mostly non-stop options to some of our most popular sun-and-sand destinations from over 20 points of departure, these offerings are designed to provide travelers with more options, more convenience and more time at their destination. As with any new product launch, we're sure that you have questions, and have compiled a list of the most commonly asked ones from our panel to help you better understand our latest product as it develops and evolves.

Q: What are Dedicated Vacation Flights?
A: To craft the best product possible, our routes, airline partners and schedules are carefully selected to provide the best options for your customers. Our Dedicated Vacation Flights are comprised of both seats pre-purchased from airlines on their scheduled departures, and wholly chartered planes on well-known, reliable scheduled carriers, including: Frontier, JetBlue, AeroMexico, AirTran Airways, Alaska Airlines and Sun Country Airlines.

Q: How do we find out when and where Dedicated Vacation Flights fly?
A: Dedicated Vacation Flight details can be found at: This link is also available from the Agency Resource Center.

Q: How can we find Dedicated Vacation Flights in Quest for Agents?
A: We make it easy to include Dedicated Vacation Flights in your search by returning as the Best Value flight when available. You'll also see that they are designated as Dedicated Vacation in the air type. Alternately, they are also offered as Dedicated Vacation flights on the More Best Value flight screen. Finally, if you are interested in searching for Dedicated Vacation Flights only, simply select the Dedicated Vacation Air Type Trip Planner for instant access.

Q: Can we book groups on a Dedicated Vacation Flight?
A: Yes! In fact, group space inventory is available on most flights for added peace of mind. To get started, simply contact our friendly Groups Department.

Q: Will first class be available if the aircraft offers it?
A: Absolutely; first class is available on select Dedicated Vacation Flights operating on AirTran Airways and AeroMexico. To book, "F" class inventory must be selected. Additionally, if traveling from Boston to Cancun or Punta Cana (Saturday flights only through April 2014), we also offer "P" class of service for those who want to pre-purchase Even More Space seats on JetBlue.

Q: What is the deposit policy for a Dedicated Vacation Flight?
A: To offer our customers the best values, we're proud to offer lower deposits of only $150 per person when the itinerary is applicable for a deposit payment, plus the optional cost of the Cancel for Any Reason Waiver and Travel Protection. Final payment is not due until 45 days prior to travel. Please contact our Groups Department for group deposit requirements.

Q: What are the baggage fees for Dedicated Vacation Flights?
A: Due to the use of different carriers, baggage fees vary and may change or even be included depending on the flight selected! Details on specific baggage fees for Dedicated Vacation Flights can be found at:

Q: What are the change and cancel fees on a Dedicated Vacation Flight?
A: Our more lenient policies give freedom back to your travelers, and we are happy to accommodate changes and cancellations when necessary. For details, please refer to the below grid to see all applicable fees. Please note that these fees are in addition to any other supplier or excursion/tour fees which may or may not apply, depending on the booking. Please contact our Groups Department for group travel change and cancel fees.

Supplier Cancellation and Change Penalties

Notice Received in advance of departure Dedicated Vacation Flight Cancellation Penalties Dedicated Vacation Flight Booking Changes Dedicated Vacation Flight Name Changes
45 days or more $45 per person $45 per person $25 per person
44 – 31 days $125 per person $75 per person $25 per person
30 – 8 days 100% air $250 per person $25 per person
7 – 0 days 100% air $500 per person $25 per person

Q: Can changes be made to a Dedicated Vacation Flight booking after a deposit is posted?
A: Yes, of course! Please refer to the above fee structure for guidelines for adjusting the booking.

Q: Can a name change be done on a Dedicated Vacation Flight?
A: In order to better serve our customers, our flexible policy allows name changes to be made up to 2 business days prior to departure. The last column of the fee structure addresses the applicable fees for changing a passenger name for the air portion of a booking.

Q: What is the commission for a Dedicated Vacation Flight?
A: For specific questions about commissions, please contact your Business Development Manager, who will able to personally assist you.

Q: Can we price match a Dedicated Vacation Flight with Apple Vacations or Funjet?
A: Yes, we will gladly price match Dedicated Vacation Flights with these competitors! The procedure for this will follow our normal price match policy.

Q: Can the Cancel for Any Reason Waiver and Travel Protection be purchased with a Dedicated Vacation Flight?
A: Absolutely, and we encourage it! Our excellent Cancel for Any Reason Waiver and Travel Protection program fully covers Dedicated Vacation Flights, leaving your travelers completely protected … no matter the reason!

Q: Can we reserve seat assignments on a Dedicated Vacation flight through TI?
A: Yes, seat assignments can be purchased for certain flights, where available and applicable, and only after the booking has already been made. To do so, just contact our Call Center team. However, it's helpful to note that different airlines have different guidelines, with specific examples including:
Sun Country: Seat assignments can be pre-purchased online at between 6 days and 24 hours of departure.
JetBlue: Passenger names are reported approximately 48 hours prior to departure; JetBlue will then assign seats when adding passengers to the flights at that time.
Group Bookings: Seat assignments are not available on group travel bookings.

Q: Can customers accrue airline reward points on Dedicated Vacation Flights?
A: Sure! In some cases, points can definitely be accrued for travel; specifically:
Sun Country: Points can be added by submitting passenger UFLY numbers to their record locator at the airport when checking in.
JetBlue: True Blue members can add points by calling JetBlue post-travel; the points from the flight will be added to the account only after travel has been completed since passenger names are not submitted to the airline's system until 48 hours prior.
Frontier Airlines: Points can be earned for accrual of miles on Frontier's mileage program by calling Frontier Airlines, providing their flight number and passenger last names, and requesting that the points be added.
Air Tran: Points can be earned by adding their A + Rewards number to their record locator at the airport when checking in.

Q: What happens if the flight is canceled prior to departure?
A: In the rare instance a Dedicated Vacation Flight is canceled, TI will gladly provide a refund for the air portion of the booking in the original form of payment.

Q: Can agents book Air Only on a Dedicated Vacation Flight?
A: Sure. In providing the best flight choices for all of your customers, Air Only will be available on most Dedicated Vacation Flights.

Q: How far out can a Dedicated Vacation Flight be booked?
A: As soon as it is loaded, but no more than 330 days prior to departure. The Dedicated Vacation Flight page can provide more details:

Q: Are there any infant fares?
A: Infant lap seats will be subject to a nominal $17 charge (price may be subject to change), and an adult rate applies for infants with a seat.

Q: Can schedule changes occur on a Dedicated Vacation Flight?
A: Because the Dedicated Vacation Flights are contracted so far in advance, departure times are good-faith estimates based on the current year's schedule and flight patterns. Exact times may be subject to change between when the flight is booked and the airline announces its formal schedule. Although rare, fluctuations may be a difference of several hours; therefore, we encourage advance bookers to be flexible. In some instances, flights may depart later, but flights may also depart earlier, allowing travelers to reach the beach even sooner than expected!

As with all air travel, including scheduled flights, day-of incidents or schedule changes may arise; if this does occur, rest assured that TI will do all possible to reaccommodate travelers as best we can, in keeping with our mission for providing excellent service to all of our valued customers.

*The above policies are in effect for non-group travel bookings.